At Smith | Hall | Strongin, we know insurance.

At Smith | Hall | Strongin, we know insurance.  No matter the case size, our experience and results-driven mentality has you covered.

We are experienced in handling high-stakes, complex insurance, reinsurance, and recovery claim disputes, for insurers in the U.S., Europe and Latin America. When insurance disputes are incapable of resolution at the adjustment level, we work directly with insurers to achieve the best possible outcome by taking into account the nature of the claim, potential exposures, avenues of recovery and carefully evaluating the likely outcomes in each matter. This allows our clients to move forward with greater certainty.

We are committed to providing insurers with top-notch legal representation in both first and third party matters while at the same time maintaining a level of efficiency that is on target with client goals and expectations.

We regularly and successfully litigate cases involving environmental, toxic tort, construction defects, professional liability, property damage, personal and advertising injury, auto accidents, transportation losses and delays, reinsurance, subrogation/contribution and general liability. Our attorneys have expertise in providing coverage advice, bad faith defense and litigating insurance disputes involving the following lines:

  • Automobile
  • Commercial Liability
  • Specialty Lines
    • Fine Art & Specie
    • Entertainment and Event Contingency
    • Jewelers Block
    • Cash-in-Transit
  • Property Lines
    • Homeowners
    • Commercial Property
    • Residential Property
    • Shipping, Transport and Inland Marine

Our successes include obtaining a complete defense of an $80M business interruption claim brought by a Fortune 500 insured; Summary judgment in favor of insurer faced with alleged bad faith and casualty exposure of $1M; Recovering $1.4M for insurer in connection with fine arts claim (representing 100% of insurers’ cost to defend and indemnify its insured.)

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We are highly skilled in policy interpretation, and insurers from across the globe have relied on coverage advice and interpretation from our attorneys.   Receiving proper legal advice regarding the obligations, duties, rights and remedies of the parties to an insurance contract is essential to successful risk management.

Whether the policies at issue involve coverage for general liability, real property, casualty claims, errors and omissions, directors and officers, homeowners, auto, or specialty and contingency type coverages, our expertise and coverage opinions can save carriers from inappropriate defense and indemnity payments and shield them from potential bad faith or extra contractual exposure.

Bad Faith
Our attorneys know insurance bad faith. We are confident in our ability to effectively address claims that an insurer has breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing­—and with good reason. No insurer we have represented has ever been held liable for bad faith or extra contractual liability.

We are trusted and experienced insurance subrogation and contribution attorneys. Subrogation and contribution recoveries can significantly impact an insurer’s bottom line. With this in mind, we aggressively identify, pursue and recover from responsible third parties and other insurers in connection with paid claims.  We focus on four principal areas of subrogation/contribution:

  • Commercial Property Losses
    • Flood
    • Fire
    • Environmental Hazards
  • Transportation and Inland Marine Losses:
    • Fine Arts
    • Industrial Equipment
    • Consumer Goods
    • Perishables
  • Business Interruption Losses
    • Event Cancellation or Delay
    • Product Launch Delay
    • Inventory/Supply Chain Losses
    • Business Closures
  • Specialized Risk
    • Fine Art & Specie
    • Event Contingency Including Cancellation, Delay or Venue Change
    • Jewelers Block
    • Cash-in-Transit
When a policyholder is faced with liability, Smith | Hall | Strongin attorneys are often called on to provide the insured with a defense.   When that happens, we carefully evaluate and explain the risks to the insurer and insured allowing the insured to make well-advised strategic decisions to quickly and efficiently minimize risk and extricate the parties from unnecessary exposure to liability or legal costs.
Specialty and Contingent Lines
We know specialty risk. Our attorneys are frequently called upon to handle disputes involving specialized risks such as fine art and specie, jewelers block, and related cargo/transportation claims. In addition, we handle and advise insurers concerning liability claims and entertainment/event contingency or cancellation.